Valentin Avksentyev • (770)842-0671

Software Engineer


Software engineer with an extensive background in Java, Scala, Spark, Hadoop, databases, web services. Firm believer in using the right tool for the job.

Project Portfolio

State Farm — data analysis system for insurance fraud investigation using property graph processing

Lead a team of developers at State Farm in developing a distributed big data processing system which uses insurance claim data to assemble a social network of claims, vehicles, and participants. This social network is represented by a property graph data structure where nodes (claims, vehicles, and participants) are connected via shared attributes and relationships. System processes data from 30 million claims and produces a property graph with over 300 million nodes. The output is available to analysts via a web ui. This allows analysts to bring up a claim of interest and interact with a visual property graph representation of the relevant claim data.

Tech used:   Scala, Java, Spark, Hadoop, Hive, Solr, Spring, vis.js

State of Pennsylvania — Web services integration for MH/DS system for several counties

Developed an enterprise class two-way web service integration between county database systems written in FileMaker and state multi-tier web service deployed on .NET/WCF stack, developed by Deloitte. Developed both a service endpoint and client, fully integrated into an existing data management system. Provided guidance and deployment support 12 counties. Since the launch of the system I've continued my work on this project and have delivered several updates to system from ongoing changes that are being made to the central state deployed web service.

Tech used:   java, jax-ws, metro, jaxb, tomcat, IIS, FileMaker

The Spelman & Johnson Group — Talent profiles portal

Spelman & Johnson Group is a specialized executive search firm for higher education. I designed and built a web application for their talent pool. Executive candidates in the higher education use this web application to create profiles and provide key information to SJG. Candidates are also able to apply for positions selected for them by search consultants at SJG, and SJG consultants are able to construct specialized questionnaires for each position/search and gather candidate data requested by the higher ed. institutions.

Tech used:   java, wicket web framework, ORM, JDBC, tomcat, Apache, FileMaker

Mudlogging Systems — KPI reporting tool

Built web application with rich JavaScript UI, which provided excel like data entry with data type validation. Admin users have the ability to specify the values to be entered and valid value ranges. System is used for reporting, entry, and management of progress indicators for a company in oil, gas, and chemicals industry.

Tech used:   java, servlets, ExtJS for front-end, ORM, JDBC, tomcat, Apache

FileMaker plug-ins and tools

FileMaker Pro FTP plug-in, which supports FTP, FTPS, SFPT protocols, streaming data transfers, multi-language support, and more. This product is currently in use by many companies including a group at Apple, Inc.

Tech used:   java, c++, enterprise-dt ftp library, swing

FileMaker Pro plug-in for Perforce version control system. This plug-in allows to checkout, update, commit, revert files managed by Perforce directly from FileMaker Pro. This plug-in served as a key component of a CMS and publishing management system for a board games publisher.

Tech used:   java, c++, Perforce java api, swing


State Farm — Software Developer, 2016 — present

Lead a team in development of a fraud analytics tool. This system was built on the Hadoop platform using Apache Spark for data processing and Spark Graphx for property graph processing. The distilled data is stored in JSON format and indexed using Solr, this data is available to end users via a web application developed using Spring.

Worked on service and enhancement of mission critical enterprise claims system. This system is deployed with WebSphere application server and developed using an proprietary persistence and business process modeling framework.

360Works — Senior Developer/Product Manager, 2006 — 2016

Developed custom applications for consulting customers, maintenance and development of internal products and tools. Responsible for design and development of solutions from beginning to end, including: creation of the specification and schedule, design and development, delivery and deployment of the product. Managed and maintained IT infrastructure. As the senior developer I am in charge of hiring and mentoring of junior developers and product support staff.

Bechtel Corporation — Project Controls Engineer, March 2006 — October 2006


Technical lead of the Schedule Controls engineering team. Responsible for aggregation and import of construction progress data. In charge of creation of custom exports for the project management system, to allow for production of reports to be presented in project progress meetings with the client [AT&T]. Responsible for maintenance of integrity and quality of schedule data. Provided support for power users of the project management system. Built custom tools for different groups involved in tracking cost and schedule of the project.



Georgia State University — BS Computer Science, 2000 — 2005